Empresa: LanguageConvo

Localidad: Ciudad de Guatemala

Departamento: GUATEMALA

Tipo de Contrato: Tiempo Completo
Salario: Q8,000
Información general
¡Enseña de manera virtual desde tu propia casa a estudiantes (adultos y niños) por todo el mundo! Somos una exitosa compañía de educación virtual que ha estado en el negocio por casi 10 años. Varios maestros han estado con nosotros enseñando por más de 5 años. Si estás en busca de un trabajo estable a largo plazo desde casa, nos encantaría que te unas a nuestro equipo. Necesitarás un nivel intermedio de inglés. Tendrás que trabajar como mínimo 20 horas hábiles por semana. No necesitas experiencia laboral en el área de enseñanza, si lo tienes sería lo mejor. Si careces de experiencia laboral en enseñanza, tendrás que aprender el idioma español (tu idioma natal), antes que empieces a laborar con nosotros. Creamos reuniones semanalmente para nuestros candidatos interesados en aprender su idioma natal de mejor manera, así pueden iniciar a enseñarlo con nosotros!

Este puesto de trabajo requiere un nivel intermedio de inglés, por lo tanto el resto de este artículo es en inglés.

How to Apply
Please visit http://careers.languageconvo.com/ to fill out an application!

• Work remotely anytime, anywhere
• Set your own schedule
• Long term, stable position
• We accept both young and old. The only requirement is that you are at least 18 years of age. Many of our teachers are older and retired from other careers.
• A company culture that is focused on providing affordable education to people around the world, not on maximizing profit
• Best technologies – we use leading edge technology in everything we do, and we’re growing as a result
• Competitive pay and the ability to withdraw your earnings at any time, even multiple times per week

• You must be a native Spanish speaker
• You must live in a country where Spanish is a native language
• Speak, read and write English at an Intermediate or better level
• You will need a quiet, private room to work in. You cannot work in an internet cafe or anywhere other people are present, as this is distracting for students
• Be available at least 20 hours each week. Of course you can work more, but 20 is the current minimum
• Before you begin teaching, you will need to have a solid, wired internet connection in your home and of course a computer to use for teaching

About Us
We provide foreign language education online, using live video conferencing technology, to students (both children and adults) around the world. You’ll teach students from the comfort of your own home, using an online classroom built into our website. We have teachers and students just about everywhere: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania. Our mission is to provide exceptional, affordable language education our students, and great jobs for our entire team. We think that education and cultural exchange can help make the world a better place.
Learn More
Visit http://careers.languageconvo.com/ to learn more about teaching with us. There we answer many common questions, and you will also find the option to apply.

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